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Friday, April 10, 2020

The Wondrous World of Woodworking

Woodworking is fun but it can be a nightmare for the uninitiated. Unless you know the nitty-gritty of woodworking, unless you are committed and prepared, there is a world of surprises awaiting you and none of the surprises are going to be pleasant. On the contrary, if you have everything you need and a passion for woodworking then the process can be more than a hobby. It can be an adventure. You can be more than proud of yourself and more than satiated with your creation.


What is Woodworking?

Woodworking is a skill and an activity. Essentially, the process of working with wood and trying to make anything with wood being the primary material or one of the materials is woodworking.

You may be making a chair, desk, cabinet, bed, shelf, sculpture, floor or anything made of wood that you can think of. Woodworking is an activity because it is the process. It is also a skill because you need to be a woodworker.

While you may think thank woodworking is carpentry and woodworker is just a carpenter, there is a fundamental difference. Carpentry is a profession. Carpenters are professionals and they don’t always indulge in creative pursuits. They create amazing woodworks or wooden objects and structures but they also attend to repairs, replacements and upgrades based on what their clients need. Woodworkers are more experimental. They are the do it yourself enthusiasts who want to turn their garage, basement or man cave into a small workshop.

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The Right Approach to Woodworking

There was a time when one wouldn’t have even talked about the right approach to woodworking. Nine men out of ten knew how to gather and chop wood, how to make wooden objects for domestic and commercial use, how to repair and replace wooden components. People knew how to construct wooden houses. There were no contractors centuries ago and people still had their own houses.

Today, woodworking is not as common a skill. There are many who can create any design you want and they would manifest that design into a real wooden structure, object or sculpture. But such men are few and far between.

The right approach to woodworking thus is to learn the insights, to have the tools you would need, to explore plans and then to practice the various methods employed in different kinds of projects. Chances are you would buy plies and other chunks of wood. You wouldn’t really gather your own wood which is impossible if you live in cities and even some suburbs.

When you have plies or specific chunks of wood, you are anyway limited to how you can approach woodworking. Different wooden projects require different tools. The way you saw, cut, slice, drill, build, nail, align, finish and laminate a particular wooden structure will vary from one project to another.

Hence, the right approach to woodworking is to know where to get started, to have all the necessary tools, to know the plans that have been proven to be useful, to lay out the entire process and be lucid about it and then embarking on the adventure knowing every step of the way.

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Woodworking Projects and Plans

The projects and exact plans are at the heart of woodworking. You may want to build a queen or king size bed. How large a ply or plank should you begin with, which part of the bed should you make first, how should you measure every large slab of wood, how should you progress from one component to another, what kind of wood you should use for foundation and which type would be better for accents, how should you create the bed from scratch and how you should finish it? These are questions that demand accurate answers and also a very thoroughly planned process. These are the complex realities that will compel you to seek woodworking plans and projects, the kind of resources available at The Woodworking Plans.

At The Woodworking you can explore woodworking plans and projects. There are more than sixteen thousand woodworking plans which makes the resource the largest such collection in the world. You can use the software available to make your own projects and plans. The best part about The Woodworking Plans is that you are not confined to any specific types of projects or wooden objects. You don’t have to follow someone’s passion or do something what you don’t want.

If arbor projects don’t excite you and if artwork displays are too much of a niche, then you can always work on chairs, bathroom furniture, boxes, perhaps a pool or billiard table, beds, cabinets, benches, birdhouses or bird feeders, boats, book cases, tables, coat racks, cabins, carport, cellar, chests, chicken houses, clocks, coasters, compost bins, computer desks, cradles, containers, decks, dog house, fences, fireplace, garage furniture, greenhouse, gazebos, hammocks, kitchen furniture, lampshades, mailboxes, pergolas, planters, wooden toys or a windmill if that caters to your fancy.

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You would get projects and plans that will take you through the concept, design, measurement, material, tools, the step by step approach and tips to do a better job. It takes years for anyone to master the art and craft of designing and planning. One is an artistic or creative aspect and the other is more technical, even mathematical.

There are ordinary tools that you can use or you may get introduced to amazing state of the art tools that will save you hours, a ton of effort and the results too will be much more encouraging. It is not possible for any woodworking enthusiast or even those who have some experience to perfect their skills overnight. One can become an expert only after dedicated decades to woodworking. Such a precious treasure is available for all woodworking enthusiasts and supporters at The Woodworking.

A simple membership will help you hone one of the most utilitarian skills you can possess. You would not only get to explore a lovely world of pure creation but you would also get to pursue an interest that will leave you with material and immaterial pleasures. So, what are you waiting for? 

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